Dale G. Perry
Certified MODAPTS

We specialize exclusively in providing MODAPTS
practitioner training.  You will find our training to be
of the highest quality.  We strive to offer a personal
touch as we are aware of the diverse backgrounds
our students bring to the class.   An engineering
background is not required for MODAPTS training
and  we have successfully trained individuals with
varying educational levels.

Dale Perry, founder of PERRY PRODUCTIVITY
GROUP,  is an Industrial Engineer.  He served with
Ford Motor Company for
forty years.  Ford is one of
the leading users of MODAPTS in the world today.  
He is currently not only engaged in MODAPTS
training, he also serves on the Board of Directors of
the International MODAPTS Association.

Dale knows that in this highly competitive
manufacturing environment "time is essential".
During his career with Ford he directed manpower
reduction programs in both North America and
Europe. He is very much aware of the sensitivity, as
well as the emotional issues, in implementing such
programs.  He knows that management and labor
unions must work together for any such program to
be successful.  MODAPTS is the system which can
help to break the barrier that at times can exist
between management and unions.  Dale can show
you how to implement such a program in your

Our client list includes:

Ford Motor Company, US                  Johnson Controls
Production Modeling Corp.               AM General LLC
Sandalwood Engineering                  Washington Group International
Goodwill Industries                             Ford of Canada
Automation Tooling Systems           StoneBelt AHC
Blue River Industries                          PARC Industries
CASS Industries                                  North Metro Services of Colorado
Daimler Chrysler                                 Ford Motor Company, UK
ARC of Monroe                                     Marion ARC
Opportunity Services of MN              Rosewater Inc
Samtec                                                   Hands of Heartland  
Gestamp NA                                          JVS of Michigan
Asurion                                                   Trijicon
United Auto Workers                          Setex             
Omaha                                    Goodwill, Southern CA
Gonzalez Production Systems         Chrysler, Mexico
Chrysler PowerTrain                           Goodwill, Southern AZ
Kandu Industries                                  Utica Industries
Weitzemann                                           Magna Corp
BAWAC                                                    New Hope Services
GOOGLE                                                   Fiat-Chrysler
PERRY PRODUCTIVITY GROUP 10262 Windsomg Rd, Punta Gorda, FL33955
Specializing in MODAPTS Certification Training