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MODAPTS Introduced At Chrysler

Chrysler  is now implementing MODAPTS in their assembly
Certification training to Chrysler’s engineering community.
The decision to use MODAPTS was made after investigating
several pre-determined time systems.
Certain criteria were used in order to come to a final
decision.  The system they chose must be able to provide
standard times in a speedy, efficient manner.  The system
should be non-proprietary, and the system had to be
adaptable to their current AMPS (Automated Manufacturing
Planning System) program.  MODAPTS met all the
requirements.  To date, training has been conducted at
ten locations with more scheduled.  The students are
enthusiastic about the MODAPTS concept and what
benefits it will have for them.  Dale Perry, the primary
trainer is impressed with the way the engineers are
adapting to the training. Several UAW stewards have been
trained along with  engineers. The UAW plays a very active
role in the IMA with several seats on the IMA Board of
Directors. The Chrysler goal is to have the expertise to set
realistic work standards as they continue to introduce new
and exciting vehicles into the marketplace. Chrysler of
Mexico has also been certified in the practice of MODAPTS.
Ford Motor Company, Power Train UK

Ford PTO in Europe (UK) made a decision in November 2006
to introduce the MODAPTS system in their two engine
facilities in the United Kingdom.  Perry Productivity Group
was contracted to provide the train
ing.  To date four
training programs have been completed in England and
Wales.  Training has been provided to their engineering
staff as well as to their union representatives.  The
engineers are excited about the MODAPTS concept and
the opportunities it provides to establish work standards
in a timely manner.  It is being used for pre-program
planning as well as for existing engine programs.  The
union understands the MODAPTS system and that has had
a positive effect upon the working environment.